Staying in Tasmania

MARCH 26, 2020 : It is early Thursday morning and early morning is the best time to work on my blog. I sit in bed with the laptop propped on the two down blankets I am snuggled under. The temperature in the campervan is 5 degrees Celsius. Under the covers it is nice and warm, only my hands are now a bit cold as I type on the keyboard. I already braved the cold to turn on the heater and it will take some time for the heater to start making it warm enough and comfortable to get out from under the covers. Perfect time to write a few words.

First, I want to thank all the friends and family that reached out to us and are concerned about our staying in Tasmania. Yesterday I spoke with someone in the Israeli embassy in Australia. They answered right away – no waiting in line, I was surprised – and were very nice. Felt like home to speak in Hebrew. She said that there are no further flights planned between Australia and Israel for the time being, and it is not the consulate that makes the list of who goes on those flights, but rather El Al. She gave me a phone number for El Al to get the latest information. Later in the day we spoke with El Al, and they confirmed that no flights are currently planned, and only once a flight is announced do they start making a list. They put us on a WhatsApp group to receive the latest information. In addition, Australia yesterday announced a ban on international travel, so that might also affect the situation. If we had an El Al flight to come home directly, we would consider taking it. To fly via Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dehli, overnight in Abu Dhabi, Europe or the USA (options we were offered) does not seem wise to us and we prefer to stay. In the meantime, we are fine (even more than fine – really good) here. My kids and their families, my mother, my sister, each in their own corner of the world, are all okay. We are able to communicate with them daily. Mark and I are still able to travel and visit nature. Being surrounded by beautiful scenery makes us happy. And Tasmania has plenty of beautiful scenery to see.

Stay healthy everyone!

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  1. Enjoy your freedom and keep writing so we can vicariously experience it too!

  2. As we are now prohibited from taking a walk around the park across the street, your campervan adventures in Tasmania are quickly becoming the stuff of myth and legend. So wrestle an angel or two, plant a beanstalk, hatch a dragon egg. Send photos.