About Me

I never liked to write. In high school, I got my first ā€œDā€ in 11th grade English. In university, Mark, my husband, would complete my writing assignments. My boss at a job I once had, told me that if he had given me a writing test before he hired me, I would never have gotten the job.

No, I am not a writer. Or should I say, No, I was not a writer. Because maybe now, I am a writer, or at least on my way to becoming one.

Having recently retired, I decided that now is the time that I need to get out of my comfort zones. Do the things that I have thought about but have not yet tried. So, this blog is my attempt at writing.

What do I do when I am not writing?

I am a mother of five kids (four daughters and a son), have 10 grandchildren, and watch much too much reality TV. My home for the past forty years has been in Israel, but my childhood was in the USA. My husband is a vegan and I try to be. And when I am not travelling, I am planning and preparing for the next trip.