Vegan in Madrid. Then and Now.

FEBRUARY 15, 2020 : Over 12 years ago, in October 2007, I did a three-week tour of Spain with my husband Mark. During that trip, we had a list of several vegetarian restaurants printed from the internet and we would go out of our way to search for them. We were usually disappointed to find them not open. I have a whole series of photographs of Mark standing in front of closed vegetarian restaurants. At the time there was no Happy Cow, no Google maps, and being vegetarian in Spain, let alone being vegan was not yet really known.

Now, 12 years later, the situation is totally different. Within walking distance of our apartment in central Madrid, there were almost 30 vegan restaurants we could choose from. If you included vegetarian restaurants, the number goes way up. In addition, we came across several vegan bakeries as we strolled the quaint neighborhoods. And not only were the restaurants plentiful, we found the food to be delicious and creatively prepared. Sometimes you would need to wait in line for a table and reservations are recommended.

Vegan Restaurants in Central Madrid (from Happy Cow)

Here is a sampling of the dishes – all vegan – from our favorite restaurant: